kyra | a pre-debut shoot in the most awe-inspiring place on earth


this pre-debut shoot is so special to us. it is special because of the amount of energy we exerted to come up with these images.

from the planning to the execution, i would say this is one of the most difficult shoots i had. i find pre-wedding shoots easier to shoot even how complex the concept is because it involves two people in a frame. iceland as most of you know is beautiful in every angle and that makes this shoot even harder. but i am not complaining, i am still grateful because not everyone has the chance to do this in their lifetime. if you plan to shoot in iceland for your engagement session or pre-debut shoot, make sure to hire someone who has been there and done that. wink*. kidding aside, make sure you plan ahead, plan well, plan beyond what you imagine. it takes more than a talent to be able to do something massive as this. it requires not just energy but a sound mind and a determined heart.

enjoy this one-of-a-kind predebut shoot.

special thanks to the following
the parents of our debutant kyra
the debutant, kyra
her sisters, who helped us during the shoot

hair and make up | styling : jenny ortega | kyra valentin
assistance : gideon hermosa
gowns : von lazara | beyond white | toni rodriguez | carlo abaquita

shoutout to kai cruz for planning | locations and itinerary

pre-debut shoot in iceland from Ryan Ortega | Photo on Vimeo.

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