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Ciao a tutti! {Hello Everyone!}

Prima di tutto, vorrei scusarmi per non aggiornare questo blog ultimamente, so che alcuni di voi sono continuare a visitare questo blog, perche i potrebbe caratteristica alcuni recenti lavori che ho fatto a livelio locale e internazionale e, naturalmente, se si tratta di un tuo amico. {First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating this blog lately, I know some of you are keep on visiting this blog because I might feature some recent works I’ve done locally and internationally and of course, if it involves your friend.}

Secondo, vorrei ringraziarvi per tenerci occupati con matrimoni in quasi tutto il mondo.yes, hai capito bene, quasi tutto il mondo. fino ad oggi, siamo stati per quasi tutti i continenti in questo mondo solo per due anni nel industria matrimonio, lo so, รจ incredibile.{Second, I would like to thank you for keeping us busy with weddings almost all over the world. Yup, you got it right, almost all over the world. To date, we’ve been to almost all continents in this world for just two years in the wedding industry. Yes, I know, its amazing.}

IN terzo luogo, sono stato in grado di avere una cena con le persone dietro loveolio.com scorso Agosto quando ero in America insieme a un altro fotografo Filipino destinazione di nozze e ci hanno informato che abbiamo fatto l’elencho dei fotografi piu cliccato.{Third, I was able to have a dinner with people behind loveolio.com last August when I was in the US together with another Filipino destination wedding photographer, and they informed us that we made it to their list of the most clicked photographers.}

and Finally, I would like to share this post {enough of speaking Italiano}- – - and I would consider this as special for many reasons and some reasons that are difficult to explain, and instead of sharing the reasons, I wish to share you the photos of the wedding that we did, together with my pregnant wife in Rome, Italy. This wedding too made us one of the few Filipino destination wedding photographers who have done weddings in Europe, particularly in Italy. Aside from that, this wedding is something that we look forward to after all the sacrifices that we have went through during the negotiations, visa applications and other circumstances that we experienced. But again, It made this wedding, not just for the couple, but for us, something to be proud of and someday would be one of the stories that we will share with our grandchildren.

Signore e signori, mi permetta di condividere questo matrimonio meraviglioso sotto il sole toscano di Jhel+Jen.{Ladies and gentlemen, let me share this wonderful wedding under the Tuscan sun of Jhel+Jen}.

La ringrazio molto per fare in tutto il mundo veramente straordinario. {Thank you for making us truly extraordinary worldwide}.


Note: You might notice the different color toning, its influenced by the warmth of the couple and their families and guests to ryan ortega | photo.

I would like to personally thank Jhel and Jen for choosing us to capture the moments that they will keep forever, thank you for believing in us that we will reach as far as Rome just to do your wedding.

Thank you to the families, guests and friends of Jhel and Jen for accommodating us during our stay in Rome.

Thank you to the PPCR of Italy and to Lim for assisting us.

Special thanks to my wife, who assisted me all the way. And above all, to our Lord who gives us strength to do what the things extraordinarily.

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