{ a chitown love } anthony + melissa | chicago wedding photographer | chicago, usa

We have featured their engagement session in Chicago here. Aside from the fact that you’ve seen the beauty of ChiTown, It’s actually the love that made it more beautiful. Exploring Chicago was not easy, the place has a lot of things to offer aside from the landmarks, it is the warmth of its people though it was quite cold during that time. So planning a shoot would be difficult because it is hard to plan where to start and how would you showcase its beauty. Maybe it is the beauty of this place that enticed Anthony and Melissa to do their union here, or maybe not, or simply maybe it is the relevance of this place to their love story.

When Anthony and Melissa booked me for their big day, I was so excited. Not just because I would be able to do a wedding in one of my dream US cities to visit, but the idea that their wedding will be something different since most of their guests would be flying from the Philippines to Chicago. And yes, true enough, it was an event that was truly enjoyed by everyone.

Friends, the wedding of Anthony and Melissa in the beautiful ChiTown.

Thank you to my family and friends in Chicago who helped me during my stay and during the shoot, especially to Angel and to the family of my Uncle Dodong, Jonjie, Allan and Tony of FPCG. Of course, thanks to the Anthony and Melissa for their extraordinary kindness and generosity.


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