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instead of a party to celebrate our 10th year as married couple, we decided to do it in a way so familiar to us. with our two boys in tow, few pounds more, a better outlook, a gown created by cecilio abad and his team, a non-perishable bouquet made by gideon hermosa, a pair of comfortable shoes for the bride and a suit made in kamuning, we took the challenge of doing it in a different way.

just in time for our kids’ school break and a series of shoot in the US, we decided to visit places which matters to us in different parts of north america. we managed to have 3 ceremonies with a pastor for the first one which happened on a bike and jog trail near newport beach in california, the second was a ceremony by the lake in gun barrel city in texas officiated by the local priest and the last one happened near niagara falls, blessed by pastor johnny dalisay. since availability of a priest or a pastor in each place is not a guarantee, we did photoshoots instead, either taken a by local photographer based there or by my son marco, or by the bride or the groom and sometimes by our friends or cousins and worst by a stranger.

we had a lot of fun and most importantly, we made memories for our children to cherish. memories that will remind us that we are here for a purpose. memories that will constantly remind each other to continue to respect and love each other.

enjoy as we take you to some of our favorite places in north america.

special thanks to the people behind these photos : cecilio abad and design team | gideon hermosa | joel malapitan of jkcapture studio in bay area | allan kevin balagtas photography { san francisco / napa valley } | paolo consolacion { newport beach } | justine and mark bautista { zoombox videos america } | dodge navidad { new york city } | michael and pie page | angel tan | paolo and shereene yap consolacion | pastor henry sanchez and family | leo and mavel ariston | tan family | navidad family | gonzaga family | pastor johnny dalisay and emilie dalisay | dapanas and galang family | malapitan family | kt angeles and kiefer go


our getting ready in nelsons, nevada

approx. 45 miles south of las vegas, i consider nelsons as one of my favorite spots for engagement sessions and post-wedding shoots around vegas. aside from it is cheap to do a shoot there, the feel is so organic yet picture for every couple.


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photos by ryan ortega | marco juhann ortega | mavel ariston


our first ceremony in newport beach

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photos by ryan ortega | paolo consolacion | marco juhann ortega | justine bautista


pictorial in sedona

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photos by ryan ortega | marco juhann ortega | mavel ariston


a quick stop in flagstaff

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santorini pre-wedding_0948.jpg
photos by ryan ortega | mavel ariston


ceremony in gun barrel city, texas

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photos by ryan ortega | marco juhann ortega | pie page


a quick shoot in chicago

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santorini pre-wedding_0843.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0844.jpg
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santorini pre-wedding_0840.jpg
photos by ryan ortega | marco juhann ortega | brenda tan


next stop, brooklyn in new york

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santorini pre-wedding_0837.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0836.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0835.jpg
photos by ryan ortega | dodge navidad


ceremony in niagara falls

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santorini pre-wedding_0847.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0846.jpg
photos by marco juhann ortega


a session in san francisco and napa valley

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santorini pre-wedding_0928.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0932.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0931.jpg
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santorini pre-wedding_0936.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0942.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0939.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0943.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0945.jpg
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santorini pre-wedding_0938.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0944.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0940.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0922.jpg
photos by ryan ortega | allan kevin balagtas | joel malapitan


finally, old town sacramento

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santorini pre-wedding_0871.jpg
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santorini pre-wedding_0868.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0869.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0864.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0866.jpg
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santorini pre-wedding_0898.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0888.jpg
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santorini pre-wedding_0897.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0908.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0906.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0907.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0903.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0870.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0894.jpg
photos by ryan ortega | marco juhann ortega | jeanne marie ortega

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