{ a fresh start } leo + parisia | manila engagement session

As a wedding photographer, I’ve heard a lot of different love stories from the many couple I’ve worked with. Thus, it becomes ordinary for me to hear those even how magical they are.It’s always a challenge for me to bring out that emotion in my photos. As much as possible, I want it be felt beyond what you see.

Leo+Parisia’s love story is one of those – the usual long engagement, had experienced being continent-apart and all the bits and pieces of a love affair. But what I like about them is their bond beyond physical.There’s a part of them being contented having each other and that really matters to them. Now, I know what makes them inseparable even if they’ve been together for more than a decade.

Here’s Leo+Parisia’s initial step to a fresh start as soon-to-be husband and wife. Enjoy!
{ fully booked – - – fully in love}

{ st.joseph’s auditorium – - – dance of love }

{ cubao expo – - – love expo }

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