{ a journey } kreisler and sarah | california engagement session


thank you in different languages won’t be enough to translate how grateful we are to know sarah and kreisler.

it is actually hard for me to start this post because i couldn’t put into words the love we have for this couple. i don’t want to discuss how we met and knew each other because this is not about us. this is about them. but on the same manner, i don’t want to talk much about their feelings for each other because i know, even them would have a hard time describing it.

life’s journey is really full of surprises. we meet people along the way and never thought of how that particular person will become part of your life. lucky us because we got to know sarah, she has always been a believer of our dreams, even if everything seems so vague and cluttered. she has always been a supporter, in the most possible manner.

then she met kreisler.

we thought it will change but we were wrong. we were wrong because she met someone who is as compassionate and supportive as she is.

i did mention that i had a hard time putting up this post, right? same thing, i had a hard time thinking of the best photos or concept maybe that i can do in return for all the goodness that they’ve done for me and my family. but what i realized was i only need to be me.

thank you again kreisler and sarah for dreaming with us. love you both.


we will soon post their beautiful wedding in pico de loro last october.

their love story started here.

_OP_8342 copy.jpg
_OP_8401 copy.jpg

and dreams brought us here. photos from different parts of california.


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