my name is ryan ortega.

a dreamer, risk-taker, entrepreneur, artist and photographer.

i love travelling, which happens to be a perk in my profession – as a destination wedding photographer. all i wanted is to take photographs of things both unseen and familiar, but fortunately, my chosen field has brought me to many places i never thought existed. i have a different view of how the world is, and in my many travels, i have proven some of them and sometimes experienced them differently. i love to eat but definitely not too spicy, i love to explore and see the world before it shifts from day to night, i love to witness how love could bring two people together even if they’re miles apart in many aspects like religion, beliefs, manners, upbringing and education.

i am also a family man, a hopeless romantic and a sucker for happy tears. i love my wife, the mother of my wonderful kids, the ultimate source of happiness and inspiration – - – no wonder i love weddings. i am not ashamed to admit that i do shed some happy tears during the bridal walk, the father & daughter dance and some simple yet deep speeches from random people. i am a fan of seeing two people promise to love one another even if they know that marriage is not something easy to manage but commits to do it because of their devotion.

i document weddings because i simply wish to witness moments which may not happen everyday – but ironically, happens before me everyday during peak seasons of wedding. i describe my images as the mere witness of that engagement, the endearing feeling, that priceless smile and that unseen love. i capture moments and the details that make it. i capture smiles and the person that wears it. i preserve tears and that human that sheds it. i magnify happiness even if its from a little girls’ laugh. i am interested in telling the story as i see it, but definitely, as how it happened.

i see myself as a collaborator, a story-keeper, a visionary and an inspiration. i came from a small province down south, but risking my all just to conquer my own illusion of happiness. but i believe, what matters most is my ultimate hunger for creating a beautiful memory of sometimes, not-so-forever.

i am ryan ortega. your friend and your storyteller.


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