{ after twelve years } a reaffirmation of love

i seldom post personal stories because i feel that the stories of love i shoot are more important. i seldom share because i thought the love story of my clients are more worth-sharing. but recently, i’ve realized that my own love story is worth-sharing too.

we got married 6th of june, 2008. we were so young then, 23 years old to be exact. so young that having a nice wedding is not a priority because we don’t have personal savings to spend. we just want to get married before she’ll work abroad. good thing, my parents pledged to spend for everything. since i’m quite shy to ask for more, giving my girlfriend then an engagement ring was not part of the budget i asked. after twelve years {five as boyfriend and girlfriend + seven as husband and wife}, with two kids, and able to buy an engagement ring, i asked my wife to marry me again on her birthday.

aside from making her happy on her natal day, giving her something that she wished to have is a reaffirmation that no matter how many kids we have and how many years we are together, i will always love her the way i used to twelve years ago.

i love you so much mamay!

actual photo from instagram below.

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