{ all brand new } francis + mailene | sarangani highland engagement session

Hello Everyone! Its a busy month again for ryan ortega | photo. After my gig in the US and after the family bonding and doing all my backlogs when I got home, finally I’m posting another engagement session. This is my very first engagement session in General Santos City and I am creating another entry for Francis+Mailene’s another e-session set, so please visit my blog from time to time.

But for now, enjoy this entry as I feature Francis+Mailene’s photos, shot at Sarangani Highland, an uphill resort with a panoramic view of the Sarangani Bay coastline. Thanks to the owners for allowing us to do this pictorial in their newly developed laidback, Filipino-inspired hotel. Thus, I decided to create a different post to highlight this all brand-new place. Enjoy!

{very Filipino windows, ripped-off from an old house in Glan}

{the intricate woodworks, still very Filipino}

{i love this, doors with paintings – a different flower for every door}

{look at the ceiling works, complimented with this chandelier – another very Filipino piece}

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