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This is my first time to blog a non-wedding or engagement shoot post but I believe the experience is worth-sharing.

My wife woke up me up with an enthusiastic tone and excitement – - – with a news she wished to break right on my face. I thought it’s gonna be about our kids or anything she thinks of doing. I never thought it will be something related to photography, because she doesn’t care about that part at all, aside from the accounting and booking part of my work. Finally, she told me what she just discovered – - – she discovered that Jonas Peterson announced that he will be a part of the Beloved Collective Festival for photographers & creative people, organized by the ever-talented Jesh De Rox. I must admit, I wasn’t that excited because I thought it would cost me an arm and a leg just to join. With so much enthusiasm too, I went to Jonas’ blog and look for the details and finally, got to the official website for more details.

Perfect timing – - – the first words that came into my mind and later realized that It must really meant to join this. The date for the said festival and my US Season 3 shoot schedule matched, which means I don’t have to shoulder the airfare tickets since I’m scheduled to fly to the US for shoot. As usual, the excitement got higher each day. What made it even better is the idea that my very good friend Nelwin Uy was also eyeing of joining but quite hesitant that he’s gonna be alone – or the only Filipino there. I called him informing him that I am joining and finally, we booked our slots, tickets from San Francisco to Palm Springs and our hotel room.

I knew from that very start that I’m bound to discover things beyond just shooting during the workshop. There’s something big about it or It would be something different. I’ve been to different workshops since I indulge myself into photography but I believe this will be something beyond the click and perspective.

Beloved Collective Festival, is a brainchild of Jesh de Rox, one of the pioneers of textures & colorshift post-processing. He pioneered the Beloved style of shooting portraits and with his multitude of followers, this festival was conceived. I don’t have sound knowledge about the Beloved thing, so their website might be the best way to know them more – www.belovedcollective.co.

I would like to share the festival that changed my perspective not just as a photographer but as a person in general. Now, I know what’s my purpose and I have discovered what I am bound to do and share.


This is what I posted on the Beloved Collective facebook page right after the 3-day festival.

“i must agree with a fellow attendee’s remark that life-changing is overused and depends on how you want the festival to affect you. and i must admit that one thing that really enticed me to join this workshop even if it will cost me an armand a leg was the idea that i will be able to meet the people behind the photos & blog that i follow. but having that as my purpose, i didn’t know that i was bound to learn more, not just the creative part of it, but its about looking at yourself as a photographer that matters in this world. with this, you will be able to separate yourself from the pact of photographers and make yourself selfless for other people who are not just your client – - – but the people who wish to be heard.

yes, jonas peterson’s presence was the icing of the cake but the flavors that made that cake even richer were way comparable. kristen kalp, bob goff, james moes, nicole polk, marianne taylor, liz arcus and the rest of the speakers were more than good in what they shared. jesh de rox’ purpose of putting up something like this may not benefit him well financially but i salute the man for initiating this – - – and being part of it is something that i will be thankful of.
but above all, its the spirit of warmth and openness of the people who joined that made this festival a BELOVED. “
I love meeting different people from different walks of life but that feeling of meeting and talking to people who shares the same passion and drive to make something different in our career, family and to the world is one nostalgic experience.
These are the photographers and people I had the chance to chat with, had dinner with them and listened to their individual lecture and sharing during the festival.
Jesh De Rox - Artist & adventurer, dedicated to exploring the way humans connect. Known as a trendsetting visionary and occasional troublemaker.
Jonas Peterson - Swedish born, Australian- based, international wedding photographer, renowned for his stunning imagery.
James Moes - Canadian born, Seattle-based photographer focused on creating images with understated emotion and honest expression.
Kristen Kalp - Philadelphia-based writer and orphan hugger, on a mission to help you create the business that lights you up.
Marianne Taylor - Voted as Englands Best Wedding Photographer of 2012, pioneer of Beloved throughout UK and adamant follower of her heart.
Bob Goff - Real-life storyteller, founder of Restore International, Professor of Law at Pepperdine, author of best- selling book, Love Does.
Amy Seeley - Kansas-based, singer- songwriter, explorer, poet and maker of lovely images.
Jeff Goelitz - Author, senior education specialist and co-founder of world-renowned research nonprofit, Institute of HeartMath.
Nicole Polk - Beloved photographer and world traveler whose work explores the invisible wonder of the human heart.
Liz Arcus - Australian-based wedding and Beloved photographer who uses photography as tool to give back to her community.
Brooke Snow - Idealist, kindred photographer, professor of meaningful creativity, wife and mother of wild monkey boy.
Jeremy Bircher - Chicago-based cinematographer and audio enthusiast, passionate about combining imagery and sound to tell stories that touch people.
Beloved Collective Festival
10-12 September 2012
Le Meridien Parker, Palm Springs, California

{ our room at le meridien parker, palm springs }

{ joining me with this workshop is a very good friend, who in many ways inspired me – - – Master Nelwin Uy }

{ kye kye playing some original songs while we are havin’ some fun }

{ bonfire is love }

{ some paper exercises }

{ another highlight – - – superman is here! }

{ if you’re with me, then jump }

{ san francisco-based photographer auey santos }

{ marianne tayloy & brooke snow }

{ the keynote & satellite speakers }

{ marianne taylor }

{ jonas peterson live! }

Looking for Jonas?

This is Jonas Peterson – one of the World’s Bests. His is one of the most inspiring, jaw-dropping, worth-listenin’ story.

Jonas is like 6’4″, so please don’t ask why I look so-super-short-close-to-dwarf.

Special thanks to my ever-supportive wife for the experience.

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