{ branding & loving } the new ryan ortega | photo

hello again.

we have been working so hard not just to enhance our vision, but we also work hard to create a lasting and addicting experience as a brand. it’s been a year since we conceived the idea of totally changing everything, including our logo, the website, the packaging and all the visual aspect of who and what we are. but yes it’s true, it’s a bit hard to let go of the things which becomes so familiar to you and to those who follow our work. it’s like trying to say goodbye to a lover of more than a century, it’s like saying bye bye to your son or daughter or simply letting go of a worn-out toy. but then again, we have to move on and create something new, innovate and embrace changes.

friends, i am so happy to share the new look of extraordinary wedding photographs worldwide.


welcome to the new ryan ortega | photo.

 not really new – because we are still the same team that focuses on love. but we are equipped with new vision and further vision that is.

 what’s actually new is our branding. the representation of who we are and what we can do and the blog which streamlined to enhance the reading and viewing experience.

 speaking of our new branding – here’s a little note as basis :

“ it all started with a simple dream – just like a paper plane { it is simple, plain and fragile } . slowly, we took simple steps in materializing that dream. making every part of it better each day with new experiences and new challenges. then boldly, we took a bigger step, knowing that risk will always be a part of it. with high hopes, we launched it with great love and we didn’t care that it might fail. but with His blessings, we have conquered our dream of capturing extraordinary love all over the world and we will still continue to soar higher. “


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