{ eat – pray – love } aaron and jackie | bali engagement session

it’s my first time in bali.

was so surprised with many things that this beautiful island offers. its not just about the beach, its not about the rice paddies, its not about the food but generally, its rawness makes bali a must visit. i found myself in awe with the many aspects of the island. i never thought i’d fall in love with a place that looks like home. though some islands in the philippines looks like most part of bali, there’s something about it that is indescribable. its raw beauty provides not just a beautiful backdrop for engagement sessions like this but the overall experience of doing one in bali is beyond words.

it was also first for aaron and jackie. though jackie, a flight attendant, been to the island before but didn’t get the chance to go around. experiencing many firsts with the couple actually made us bond more. we have tried not just really good food but staying at a local balinese home and driving all over the island are few of the many things we enjoyed.

join us as we explore bali.


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