{ ever flying, ever wandering } our twenty-seventeen worldwide destinations


it’s been an annual thing for us. flying in and out of the country. traversing the usual and exploring the unknown.

each year is as special as the previous or the next year. and we are always excited with everything that comes with it. to be able to create something lasting for the couple and connect with people who will teach you a lesson or two positively, people who will inspire you to take bolder steps and continue dreaming.

we started our 2017 with an almost a week trip to taiwan, we shoot around and explore the food. then we went to tokyo after for 9 days to eat more and shoot more of course. we had the chance to cover a location destination after that too, though local, yet it feels so different. flights are expensive and of course, the food etc, are expensive too. we then went to the land down under, exploring sydney, melbourne, brisbane and gold coast.

but it was just a prelude to something complex, and promise, i am not complaining.

check it out.

aug 01 – oct 10 : nyc / new jersey / chicago / dallas / las vegas / los angeles / maine / san francisco / toronto / montreal

sep 23 – oct 03 : madrid / seville / toledo, spain

oct 22 – nov 10 : istanbul / venice / copenhagen / iceland / barcelona / athens & santorini, greece

nov 15 – nov 25 : new york / chicago / abu dhabi / dubai

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