{ exploring victoria } greg and dianne | an australia engagement session



it’s been a while, not really.

but i guess you deserve a beautiful engagement session like this. everyone does deserve a beautiful love story. you may not find it now but i’m pretty sure there’s someone out there for you.

here’s the engagement session of greg and dianne, who got married in the beautiful town of geelong, the coastal area of victoria, one of the states of australia. what i love about victoria is it has both urban and rural spots where you can balance both work and family. they’ve got a rich british influence when it comes to architecture but at the same time, they adopt modernization too.

greg and dianne opted to do their engagement session in melbourne and geelong. melbourne for that urban architecture feel and geelong for a laidback set. these actually sums up how beautiful victoria is.

enjoy as we explore victoria and witness love in different colors.


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