{ extra mile } ricky + chin | davao engagement session

I’ve always wanted of doing extraordinary for clients and more so for friends. Thus, it was quite an overwhelming feeling when Ricky { a photography buddy when I was still doing this as a hobby } picked me to do their engagement session amongst the many photographer-friends that he has.

Ricky as far as I know him is conservative in a lot of ways, he is always determined and focused, that is why I would consider him successful amidst his young age. Chin, Ricky’s bride, is much like him. But they are fun to be with and easy to deal.

The challenge for this particular shoot is how would I create an extraordinary set, with a local destination as the backdrop. I always wish my photos to look edgy and different. Going an extra mile to push Ricky wear a not-so-ordinary combination of jacket, vest, pants and shoes is really worth it. He was so conscious on the earlier part of the shoot that he might look ” baduy ” but with my persuasion and persistence,we’re able to play around with the idea and made it extra special.

Enjoy Davao everyone as we’ll take you an extra mile. =)

Thanks to the following people who helped us materialize this shoot
HMUA & Stylist: Osckie Selma / Emi-Alexander Englis | The wonderful people of Hijo Plantation + Banana Beach

If you are invited to Ricky+Chin’s wedding, make sure to grab that chance to see more of this set.

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