{ finale! } rishab and sonia | hindu wedding | chicago

i’m still on a high.

wedding like this made me realized that i am so lucky to be a wedding photographer. aside from the chance of going abroad for free and have a glimpse of different cultures, to be able to witness love in different colors is just one amazing perk. but to be treated as a family, considering their culture is way different from ours is extraordinary.

rishab and sonia’s wedding is one that i won’t forget. not that i got to spend three days with them, but i was treated with respect and trust. i am proud to say that there were only three filipinos during this 400-guest wedding { me, my second shooter and one of the groom’s friends. } we’re so comfortable with them that cracking a joke becomes a part of our conversation and party with them and their guests too.

its just sad that every celebration, even how long, has got to end. but what we know, and what we felt, is this is just a beginning of a colorful friendship and of course, a beginning of building a beautiful marriage for rishab and sonia.

enjoy the last day of their union. pardon me for this very long post.

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