{ first flight } jeff + relly | fernbrook gardens wedding

Air turbulence [as defined by the dictionary] is an irregular atmospheric motion characterized by rapid changes in wind speed and direction and by the presence, usually, of up and down currents. Just like in marriage, turbulence happens once in a while. Turbulence that somehow teach us how to become stronger and more logical, but even how bad that turbulence in a marriage is, what really matter is being with someone you whom you loved the most.

I love the atmosphere of this wedding – - – light yet emotional. Thus, I decided to process the images with a lighter feel, making it very relaxed, natural and subtly artistic.

Buckle up, relax and enjoy as I bring you Jeff+Relly’s first flight.

{ Trivia: Jeff+Relly works for a German-airline company based in Singapore }

Thanks to Nelwin Uy for making me a part of this.

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