{ good vibes } godo + iris | fernwood manila wedding photographer

When we get into the room, where the bride is preparing for her big day, you will instantly feel a certain vibe that will give you an idea that something will happen that day. I have covered many weddings, but few really hit me hard — and Godo+Iris’ is one of them.

I’ve been asked many times by clients as to what I am looking for a wedding? and I would always say “Emotions”. I am a big sucker for emotions, I want to see how people react, and capture them in still photo. I would love to see the bride crying while having her dance with her father. I would love to see the groom crying or smiling when he sees his bride — and I experienced all of these during this wedding.

Emotions are something irreplaceable, something intangible yet it’s so moving, something deep yet your shallow tears would fall, something personal yet very universal and this wedding has it all.

Enjoy everyone!

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