hello 2015!


hello 2015!

2014 was a blast.

as usual, we broke another record after the other. flying in every morning to a different city within eight days, thats a total of 8 domestic flights and 2 international flights. we also did 18 flights in 35 days. really crazy and tiring. but as i always say, who am i to complain? this is basically what we wanted, to be able to create beautiful pictures amidst the chaos, the emotions and the laughter.

2014 brought us to many places we never dare of dreaming actually. we had the chance to enjoy the cobble streets, colored houses and sandy beaches of puerto rico. we have explored the humble yet progressive streets of south korea. we have discovered more not-usual sights in hongkong. we also enjoyed the countryside of australia’s adelaide. our tri-annual trip to north america was really colorful when we got to explore the french side of canada. of course, we enjoyed the usual trip to new york, las vegas, bay area, los angeles and chicago. we also enjoyed the new england side of the east coast even more after having an ice cream hopping and lobster-all-you-can in maine. wow! too many to enumerate but there’s only one thing that brought us here and there – it’s actually love.

cheers to more places, friends and memories. we are bound to create more this 2015.

check out our international destination schedule for 2015 here.

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