{ hello } welcome aboard and nice to see you again!


welcome aboard to our new straightforward and worldwide blog. a lot has changed and i’m sure you’ve noticed them. the last time you were here, you were scrolling every page to look for a particular post that you wish to view; you looked for a search button to help you navigate; you clicked categories hoping that all our posts are properly categorized; you also opened the about page to know us better and checked our schedule page for our worldwide shoot dates but some of you were frustrated to know that you can’t find what you’re looking for. Finally, after months {actually years} of designing {yes, i personally designed it}, coding {oops, not my work} and testing, our new blog is up and running. though we are using the same old address, but definitely, this blog is new.

the core inspiration of this blog is to make it clean and easy to navigate. since this is our best way to communicate with our clients, future clients, their friends and families and our co-photographers and suppliers, we want to create a total experience as if you are travelling with us in an easy and breezy way. thus, we avoid to add quit a few colors, shapes and clutter because we want you to focus on one thing and basically, the reason why we created this blog – - – pictures. we want you to focus on them instead, it’s like viewing monalisa in louvre without the annoying tourists around you. we want you to have an entirely refreshing experience as if you are in a first class or suite perhaps in an A380 for your 40-hour flight to nowhere. so that no matter how long the post is, no matter how many pictures to view, you can always – - – focus.

so friends, let us take you anywhere where love is priceless, where love is the king, where love is nothing but making your partner the queen. let us take you to a place you’ve been to or may haven’t seen yet.


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