{ it started with love } two thousand ten destination summary

March is still a part of the first quarter, so I guess we’re not so late to summarize our two thousand ten destination wedding experience. I would say twenty ten was the best year so far. Who would ever thought that as young as we are in the china business {though I’ve been shooting since Fine Arts days in college},we would cross the Pacific Ocean just to be a part of grand celebrations of love.

Yes, love is the answer Р- Рwho would disagree?  - Р- without our love for dreams, the love between our grooms and brides, it would remain a vision.

But with love – - – everything is possible.

Our first stop – - – San Diego, California.

Jayson+Angel | Engagement Session: Downtown San Diego | Wedding: Barona Valley Ranch

Next stop – - – a post-wedding pictorial at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Gian+Lillian | Downtown Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles – a view from Getty Museum.
Just after the post-wedding shoot of Gian+Lillian – - – another LA shoot was immortalized.
Joel+Kathy | Engagement Session | Getty Museum

Another location for Joel+Kathy – - – Sta. Monica Pier.

And to wrap-up our shoot, we went to Hollywood Blvd for dinner and I thought of doing their final set at the famous Kodak Theater.

From West to East – - – that’s our goal.
Welcome to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of – New York City.

Our East Coast tour started with an engagement shoot the ‘ International Man of Photography ‘ – - – Nelwin Uy.

Janno + Chri | New York City | Meat Packing District & High Line Park

Followed by another engagement session – - -

Mervin + Iza | Central Park, New York

On top of the Brooklyn Bridge is one the best spots to do an engagement session.

Next stop – Reagan + Camille New York City Wedding with the Bests – Nelwin Uy + Mayad Studios.

After that very heartwarming celebration of love – another engagement session happened.

Coney Island, New York

Chris + Arlene tied the knot in the Philippines last July 2010 but they’re based in the US.

After visiting my relatives in Washington DC, we agreed to do their post-wedding shoot.

Chris + Arlene | Lorton Railway, West Virginia | Georgetown,Washington, DC

After my brief visit to Washington DC & Virginia, went back to New York City and finally got the chance to do Reagan + Camille’s post-wedding session.

{ above: Brooklyn Bridge as background }

{ below: Central Business District with the Empire State Building as background}

And finally went back to West coast before going back to our homeland – the Getty + Suneera Engagement Session.

Getty + Suneera | Los Gatos | Capitola Wharf, California

2010 was the busiest year so far. Buckle up for more this year. We’re set to take it to the next level. We’ll be visiting more extraordinary places to celebrate love.

We would like to thank the love of our couple-friends, who believe in our talent and vision.

Shoot us an email for this year’s destinations and schedules.

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