{ j’adore paris } dino + diana | post-wedding shoot | paris, france

i always consider myself fortunate to have this job. doing what you love and at the same time, providing for your family. i have never thought that i would be chasing time in a country where only few people speak the same language that i fully understand. where you become so helpless because directions to where or how might be hard to understand. yes, i am fortunate. fortunate in a way that in many circumstances, i still be able to surpass the basic barriers that often lead to a bigger dilemma.

my call time for this shoot was thirty past nine in the morning. alighted the plane from the philippines at around seven, but considering the immigration line and the train ride which is faster than taxi going to the city, it is quite impossible for me to make it. impossible it is. luckily, i was not that late. and luckily, i got a good looking couple, who loves the camera well and trooper enough to do a post-wedding shoot amazing race style.

paris is a big playground for photographers. you can practically shoot anywhere and come up with beautiful photos. i don’t need to enumerate the things who can see in paris, or experience. i’m sure there are better reviews out there, just google it. but before doing that, check out the photos below first.

bonjour paris, see you next year!

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