{ love in the middle earth } jc and anne | new zealand pre-wedding shoot

dusseldorf pre-wedding_0413.jpg

starting off our 2016 with something you don’t see everyday. we are looking forward to the many surprises ahead.

words may not be enough to describe the many beautiful sights in new zealand, i hope these pictures would give you an idea of what to expect if you haven’t been to this side of the world.

peter jackson has brought the attention to new zealand, often called ‘ middle earth ‘ in the lord of the rings trilogy by using these vast landscapes as backgrounds. true enough, they were magical. to experience it personally is another story, it is not just about hobbiton, the shire, glenorchy or other locations featured but it is many things in between that you can’t simply explain or describe.

finally, i had the chance to travel to this side of the world. thanks to my couple jc and anne. they may look familiar to you because we already featured their engagement session in sydney. they decided to have another one during their holiday in new zealand. this pre-wedding was by far different from what i usually do. we were on the road for five days, exploring the south island. we drove out of christchurch after few hours of exploring the city and took photos with their famous tram. we went to some famous locations outside but as a photographer, i wanted to do a fresh and easy approach. no fancy clothes, no wedding gown on hand, just the couple and the amazing background. after all, we are in new zealand, where everything seems gigantic and magical.

we were not just there to shoot, we explored it. we had a lunch at a salmon farm and we stopped over at a lavender field on our way to mount cook. we went stargazing during our stay on a makeshift accommodation outside lake tekapo. we drove all the way to milford sound, took the cruise and enjoyed the many sights and lastly, we tried the ‘must’ ferburger in queenstown.

it was an experience i won’t forget because aside from doing my job as a photographer, i have established a relationship with jc and anne beyond work.

scroll down, enjoy the beautiful south island of new zealand and i would say this is the best series of photos you would see on the net. if you wish to explore new zealand for a shoot, email us.

here are some of our favorite photos. we will upload more soon.

dusseldorf pre-wedding_0441.jpg
dusseldorf pre-wedding_0440.jpg
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dusseldorf pre-wedding_0443.jpg
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