{ love simplified } rod + mai | a santa barbara, california wedding

Rod+Mai wanted their union to be as intimate as possible and simplified in every manner. I’m sure you would agree with me, in a place as beautiful as Santa Barbara, you don’t need to exaggerated things.

If you can still remember, I featured Rod+Mai Extraordinary Session already and yup, you’re right we did it in the same place. Santa Barbara is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the US, that celebrities like Oprah bought a property to build a peaceful sanctuary. Don’t worry, you will not see the same places as featured on their engagement session.

Mai is my wife’s dear friend, but more than being a friend – - – she treated us with respect on a professional level by giving us what we deserve and by trusting us wholeheartedly. I was so happy when my wife broke the news that they want us to cover their union. I must say more than having beautiful places to shoot, it’s really the couple’s treatment, trust and respect towards their photographer that makes it more extraordinary.

Thank you Rod+Mai, here’s a post dedicated to you. Processed with so much love – - – with our extraordinary film look style.

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