{ love under the tuscan sun } jhel + jen | italy engagement session

Recently, I featured a Southern California road trip engagement session with Rod and Mai. Today, another out-of-the-country extraordinary session is up.

Jhel+Jen are actually based in Rome, Italy and we are so lucky to be chosen as their wedding photographer. Aside from the fact that my wife and I got to travel to that very romantic place for free, My dream of doing a shoot came true unexpectedly. Jen emailed me just this May inquiring about our services. After all the hardship that we went through in acquiring visa and arranging necessary things to make this possible, we are finally doing it in Italy.

Aside from their wedding photos, which I already featured here. This engagement session is another much anticipated blockbuster. Personally, this engagement session is something special. It’s been a dream of doing a shoot with the round hay, which you can’t find in our tropical country. This is something that made me realized that I really love my job after seeing Jen cried while watching the slideshow during the wedding reception.

So Fellas, Enjoy the Love under the Tuscan Sun.

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