{ manila love } davis + joanne | engagement session

Few hours from now, Davis and Joanne will wake up to start preparing for the biggest day of their lives. Few hours from now, I will start clicking my shutter to capture the things that will transpire with much love.

I guess its high time for me to share their engagement photos, shot entirely in Manila, with the aim of making it subtle yet extraordinary.

I’m sure Davis and Joanne won’t mind checking my blog. So while they’re asleep and will be busy later with all the crying and laughter, enjoy this post and keep visiting my blog for their wedding photos soon.

{ Davis+Joanne }

special thanks to
Daruell Hortel, May Ann Alano, Maricar & Sophia’s mom for the big help,┬áto the management of AirPhil Express, Karina of the Philippine Everest Team for allowing us to do shoot inside the Balangay, and to the management of Ilustrado.

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