{ mile high love } jeff + noemi | baguio destination wedding photographer

Flying has been a part of my career since I officially launched it. I still consider it as my past time, sometimes a luxury but most of the time, I consider it as the best time to be alone and think of the many things you wish to do to improve and to be thankful of. Delays, flight cancellation and long lay-overs are part of it. But when you come to a point of being tired, you just need to look back and ask yourself if it is really the thing you wish to do. I consider myself very fortunate to have seen the world without spending a fortune. All I wanted to do is fly and visit different places and to be able to savor the beauty of life, but I never thought that I’m bound to do beyond that – - – documenting different love story that makes us feel heaven without even riding a plane.

Jeff+Noemi, both work for an airline company, Jeff works as a ground staff while Noemi as a flight attendant. It must be hard for both of them of maintaining a relationship on an on-off long distance basis. But at the end of the day, it’s the feeling of being together, even miles apart, made them feel the importance of one another that led them to what we call — marriage.

So here it is – - – the union of Jeff+Noemi. Welcome Aboard!

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