{ next to home } jc and em | singapore engagement session


for some, they consider singapore as their second home because this is where they build their dreams by working here. i found love in singapore because this is where we met a lot of people who plays a very vital role in our career as wedding photographer and experienced things that molded us to be better.

i consider singapore as second home. this is where i can honestly say that i was able to explore many parts of it. considering its size, it is really workable to go around even just for a day. but it is singapore that made me realized that even how small it is, it is packed with many things.

for some, they find singapore their home because this is where they found love. though this is not the case for jc and em, i am pretty sure singapore will always be a part of their lives.

check out singapore because you might miss some beautiful parts that most of the tours doesn’t cover.


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