{ ninety months and counting } john + carla | manila wedding photographer

Ninety months ago, two people started a relationship that not even one of them knew how would that be after ninety months. For ninety months, these two people struggled to make that relationship they’ve built to last – - – and after ninety months, these two people promised to make that relationship forever.

Relationships are not always as beautiful as we want it to be. We experience a lot of bumps along the way, we meet different challenges to make it strong and we strive to make it better. A lot of us even reach the point of surrendering, but not for John and Carla because for them, the ninety months that they’ve been together is not enough to show how much they love each other.

Friends, here’s the culmination of John+Carla’s ninety months and the beginning of their forever. Enjoy!

I would like to thank John+Carla for the chance to document the culmination of that ninety months and for making us part of their forever. Thank you also for helping us get to this stage. You know how much we treasure all your help. We will not be able to experience these extraordinary things without your support since you booked us.

Supplier Line-Up: Video – Bob Nicolas | Coordination – Jody Feliciano-Liwanag | Gown – Cecilio Abad | Flowers & Boutonnieres – Vatel Manila & Etc. Handmade Goodness | MUA – Mickey See | Catering – K by Cunanan | Preparation – Manila Peninsula | Ceremony – Santuario de San Antonio | Reception – Blue Leaf | Cake – Alex Franco

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