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it’s been a long since my last update on this section.

sharing you some random snaps while shooting an engagement session in santorini.


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weekend wedding in puerto rico.
brian and danielle.



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engagement session.
orange county.
john and page.
getting hitched in oklahoma this october.

ryan ortega | photo




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more from vancouver.

we arrived 19th, 4pm.
on the 20th, we did this engagement session of richmond and jeanette, just in time for their wedding the next day.



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until now, my wife and i can’t still believe that we’ve gone as far as canada.
thanks to the people behind every successful shoot and every successful dream.


watch out for the blog post soon. enjoy some teaser photos from the post-wedding shoot of elvin and christie.

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we survived batanes!

yes, we made it. we’re back in manila, safe and sound.

sharing some photos that took my breath away. we are posting the rest of the photos soon.


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yes, we are hitting canada this year. mark your calendars. if you are soon-to-wed, we are so ready to cover your wedding day or even an engagement session shoot.


this post will be updated from time to time with anything.


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we are more than eager to start the year 2014, yet we never forget to look back and thank God for the many extraordinary things that happened, the new experiences that we’ve gained, the new people we’ve met, the things that we’ve conquered, the new heights that we climbed, the new places that we have reached, the new challenges that we have faced that led us to new things that we have learned.

looking forward to a better, bigger (larger than what we can imagine) year. we are extremely excited to taste new food, build new connections, meet new people and friends, learn traditions, explore new places, unite with old friends and shoot more love stories. because we always believe that there will always be something to look forward to and so many extraordinary stories to tell.

happy new year to our family, relatives, fellow wedding suppliers, friends and clients.


my first random share.

engagement session in balesin. joshua and kristie.

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