{ rock & roll } marty + ellen | brisbane, australia love session

Who would have thought that we will reach as far as the Land Down Under because of your love, which makes us one of the most travelled wedding destination brands.

So here it is, our first post after the ExtraOZdinary E-Session. I would like to start it by featuring an all-Aussie couple, shot in Brisbane.

Marty+Ellen is just an ordinary couple when you see them, they are both music lovers. In fact, Marty is a vocalist of a local band. Like Brisbane, they look plain but there’s a lot of things to be discovered. We had the best time shooting Marty and Ellen. They’re adorable and the camera loves them. Marty is an actor on his own, no wonder his friends and especially Ellen call him Bloomydepp { A cross-breed of Orlando Bloom & Johnny Depp, what do you think? }, Ellen, on the other hand is equally gorgeous.

Enjoy mate!

Another Australia Extraordinary E-session will be featured soon.

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