{ sangeet } rishab+sonia | indian wedding photographer | chicago

while others focus more on details, indian weddings are technically colorful enough that extra details might not go well with the various colors that you will see. but indian weddings i would say is one feast that one should witness. their connection with each other boils down to one reason – - – to celebrate. this celebration takes not just one day but three days as standard wedding celebration for indian couple. in india, weddings even reach to a week long or more days to celebrate.

the wedding of rishab and sonia is a typical indian wedding. typical because we expect parties and dances, and it never failed us. at the end of the day, what really matters is the union, not the details and not even the culture.

enjoy the part two feature of the wedding of rishab and sonia. watch out for the final and last feature few days from now.

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