{ something new! } amir and sarah | doha wedding photographer

this is really something new for me. after covering more than a hundred of weddings, there are still things that i consider as new, and most of the time i find them so amazing.

most of the weddings that i have done has an hour ceremony or even more but with this, the so called ceremony {like exchange of rings} was done during the reception dinner, and not even announcing it for people to witness, just me and the couple. not even i dos. so if you are the type of reader or viewer who looks for the traditional photos, please don’t try scrolling for more. but i believe, they already had a formal wedding before this but this one was considered as the main wedding because families and friends from all over the world flew in to doha, qatar just to join the couple. yes, you got it right, it’s doha in qatar, in the middle east. surprisingly, not a lot of weddings there are covered by filipino destination photographers like me, or consider this as one of the few or maybe the only one so far. amidst the simplicity of this wedding, what i love about this is the emotions, it’s so real and so infectious.

this wedding was a mix of everything. egyptian {amir} meets american {sarah} in doha covered by a filipino-chinese guy {me}. traditions of both egyptian and american were observed. guests of different races, different language and even color. i was lucky enough to witness a different way of celebrating a union which is by far the most exciting part of my job.

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