{ something real! } prima. | authentic leather-covered coffee table book

we are so proud to introduce our all-new real leather-covered coffee table book — prima.

finally, the search for the real one is over. over the years, most of the photographers end up using the synthetic material for covers to imitate leather feel and look. due to its availability and price, using it as the cover for coffee table book is quite impossible to happen. but now, we make it happen for you.

real leather is as authentic as the diamond in your finger, as true as your wedding vow, as rare as the memories.
it’s about the feel, the grain, the texture and the smell.

now, we bring it to you, as part of the book that will hold the memories of a lifetime, of your lifetime.

for our previous clients who wish to avail this, please email us for the special rate.
for our current client who wish to upgrade, please email us too.

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