{ stopover } the art of destination shoot | a talk by ryan ortega



it’s been a while since my last workshop/seminar related to wedding photography. last workshop was more on shooting, the style and coming up with your own to create a signature look and brand for your client.

for the past few years, i’ve been always asked by colleagues about destination shoot and the many complicated things about it. well, there are times that i feel like sharing, while most of the time, i want to share my experiences more than the technicalities because the technical aspect is always case-to-case basis.

so finally, after discussing it with some of my friends in the industry. i am launching STOPOVER.

stopover fits perfectly to describe this talk. this is not a typical talk on wedding photography which usually involves a shoot and post-processing demo. this is not designed to influence someone with my style but rather this is a talk which focused on one single topic yet branches out to many complicated aspects.

so if you think this is the best way for you to learn without experiencing it yet, join us in a two-day affair, along with the industry’s jetsetters.

email us at thestopovertalk@gmail.com for more details.



the art of destination shoot / talk by ryan ortega

march 8 & 9 2016

the b hotel, quezon city

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