{ the architects’ love affair continued } b + tin | destination wedding | davao, philippines

Finally, I’m featuring the wedding of B+Tin. I already featured their extraordinary session here. I’m sure you loved the architectural inspired location and concept that we did.

B was my classmate during a Basic Photography workshop under Rhonson Ng some 5 years ago. I was so glad when he called me after 4 years that finally, they’re tying the knot and they are considering me to cover the wedding. I didn’t know that his then girlfriend Tin is a sister of one of my photography buddies when I was still a hobbyist. Feel pressured? Yup, I must say. But with this couple’s charm and trust, It didn’t stop me of making it different but still very personal. Thank you so much B and Tin for trusting us to do this.

I never thought that this wedding would be that emotional. Everyone was warm and happy. So, stop reading and keep scrolling down to see more. Enjoy!

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