{ the beauty and love within } amir and sarah | qatar wedding photographer

doha or qatar in general is not considered to a be tourist destination, but there are a lot of things to be discovered in this place that it might be considered as one. perhaps, one of the reasons is it’s actually designed for those who can actually afford the lifestyle. at the the same time, a simple rationale would be who needs tourist to flock and bring income to the world’s richest country. as a matter of fact, qatar holds the record of having the most millionaires or billionaires for every ten people.

what would you do if a survey on your natural resources such as fuel and gas says that your deposit would last more than a century? of course, splurge into many things you don’t have and maybe create a world of your own. and yes, i am talking about qatar. this country is one of few fortunate to have natural gas as their main source of income and the way they spend this income is outrageous. building the most awkward looking structure, and if it won’t look good anymore, the king would easily command to bring it down and build a new one again. or simply creating more island and build super high end shopping and residential complex on it. anything is possible actually. but what i love about this place, so far they’re able to preserve part of their culture.

i was so fortunate to have the chance to cover a wedding in qatar recently. a not-so-ordinary wedding actually. i also had the chance to shoot in many different locations such as their souq or market and the port with dhows { traditional boat, made of wood } and more.

before i will share their wedding photos, let me show you some of the engagement session photos of amir and sarah, showing you the beauty and the love within doha.

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