{ the forces of love and nature } ali and sharlah | batanes post-wedding shoot

i must admit that i am afraid of many things. afraid of heights, afraid of flying, afraid of riding a boat and of course, i’m afraid to die. but this passion of immortalizing life and love has taught me to enjoy these adventures instead of being afraid. i’ve conquered my fear of heights when i did a back-to-back zipline ride with a couple just to capture them kissing each other while enjoying the zipline ride, i climbed tall trees from time to time just to achieve a certain angle that i want – - – these are actually some of the many things i’ve done because aside from being an artist, i wish to give my best every time. more so, when you know that you’re couple are into it, they choose to schedule a post-wedding right after their wedding day, instead of enjoying each other on their honeymoon – - – and this is all because you love what you are doing.

batanes is no wonder one of the most beautiful places if not the most beautiful in the country. its unspoiled beauty reminds us of what it looks like some years ago when only natives are allowed to own lands, when technology is just a small portion or not even part of our everyday living, when automobiles are not really a necessity and when air is still fresh everywhere. batanes is hard to resist, considering the many factors to consider going there. the flight with a small plane, the big waves when crossing between islands and the unpredictable weather are just some of those things – - – and that’s to prove not even the force of nature can stop us doing what’s expected from us.

enjoy batanes with ali and sharlah.

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