{ the key to everything } joseph and crystal | ilocos engagement session


its been a while since i featured an engagement session shot within the philippines.

i always believe that trust is the key to everything.

in relationship, trust once broken would lead to doubt and later to misunderstandings.

in our kind of work, trust matters a lot. we always ask our client to trust our taste, trust our vision and trust our interpretation. as a storyteller, i make sure to show that truthfulness in every photo that i create. i want each frame to represent the couple as to who they are and what they feel.

joseph and crystal got married recently, i realized that their engagement session {while its being played during the reception} was actually a fruit of trust. we never had production meeting considering our distance. we never had detailed consultation, just simple exchange of ideas. they never even had a list of do’s and dont’s, just a simple but strong approval of anything that i can think of.

true enough, these photos that i am about to share are equally beautiful. we are also lucky to have worked with bunch of talented people, who help made our couple even more beautiful and made the whole process light and fun.

locations: sitio remedios / vigan / sand dunes
make-up artist: cj cuison
hairstylist: carlos casiguran
stylist: luffel cornista


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