{ the melason } jason and melai enchanted engagement session

we all know that they started out as housemates inside the most popular house in the country — the pinoy big brother house. jason and melai’s love story is as ordinary as every human but just like every love story theirs extraordinary as well. the simple joke that turned out to be real has developed into something that they too did not expect to happen. the simple everyday encounter deepen their relationship with each other that later flourished into something that makes them happy. outside the real world, after melai was declared the winner, their love grew into something even more special – that no matter what intrigues came their way, they faced them, and stood strong and finally decided to seal it in marriage.

i would like to share the engagement session of jason and melai, shot in el kabayo in subic, resemblance of the big brother house. with the set designed by the talented people of teamba designs, this shoot will not just bring you wonderful memories of the couple inside the house but this way you will know them even more as ordinary people in love.

friends, the official engagement session photos of the melason.

the team behind this shoot
styling and set design – teamba designs
make up – diane lorenzana
hairstyle – mycke arcano
wardrobe styling – argie salango
e-session video – jav velasco
official videographer – notion in motion
location – el kabayo, subic

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