{ urban love } david + monica | new jersey engagement session

Happy New Year!

I know it’s a new year but our blog design is still old. But worry no more, the next blog post would be on our new platform. A blog that truly represents us, represents our passion for extraordinary images with heart, represents our hunger for beauty and our dream for travel.

But before closing this blog and transporting all the things that’s worth looking, I wish to share this engagement session that I’ve done last September in New Jersey. I can’t describe the feeling of excitement when they booked me to do their wedding. It’s beyond what I imagined, I never thought that I will have a chance of doing something like this. But well, as they say, only that Man up there knows.

Usually during the conceptualization stage of an engagement session, a crazy brainstorming among the people involve like the photographer, coordinator and of course, the couple is the part of the first stage of planning. But this one was totally different, I have given my suggestions though, but the couple’s idea were too much that it couldn’t be done in one location and in one day. Their ideas were vivid, focused and executable, so who am I to complain, the bride is working for some of the top companies in New York via an ad agency.

So here it is, the engagement session of David + Monica.

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